I resist calling alcohol, drug or cell phone use Substance Abuse. To me it's not abuse when the substance is using you exactly like it wants to.  It makes more sense to call it substance misuse or addiction because it's not the substance that's being abused, it's the substance user. 

My method for addiction treatment comes from my years of experience at the University of Pennsylvania's Center on the Continuum of Care in the Addictions as well as the Treatment Research Center also at UPenn. At both of those treatment centers we worked on developing behavioral changes as well as cognitive changes. 

Misuse doesn't have to be addiction and it is not only for people who have "hit rock bottom". Misuse is any substance, pattern or behavior that you want to control or quit. What it does mean is that you need to work at the change you want.  Maintaining the negative behavior may require work that you are used to doing and creating a positive change will require that you do an equal or greater amount of work.  Most of this work will be uncomfortable at first.