Scientist, philosopher, skeptic, and theoretician Seth Herd talks about our future self encapsulated in technology. He talks about artificial intelligence, consciousness, goal-directed futures and becoming skeptical about your emotional decisions so that you may become more accurate. 

As monkeys are to us, we may soon be to artificial intelligence. It's going to be very important that the Earths new highest evolutionary form is benevolent to us humans. To make sure this happens we need to build a conscience into future intelligence. This may involve the programming of art, dance, sadness, connection and the other factions that create human cognition. 

Beyond that, he discusses how to recognize our own Motivated Reasoning and Confirmation Biases and become skeptical about our decisions so that we aren't tricked by our natural inclination to validate our own perspective in the decisions we make. The twist is that we aren't purely logical on a grand scale, but very logical on a mezzo or local level. 

He completely fails to mention that he is my brother at any point in the podcast, which I think the host also forgot, having never been informed of such. Listen, be scared, get excited for our collective future and your new, enhanced future.