This this is a new micro post highlighting research from Scientific American on how important it is for people to feel in control. One of the biggest things under threat when a person experiences violence or emotional abuse is there sense of being the one in control of their life. That is why many people end up believing that it is their fault for why things happen, especially children. For children there are so many things they can't control when they are affected by overwhelming violence or emotional abuse they regain control by believing that it is all their fault, something that is often accepted or supported by the abusers. This article highlights just how destructive and damaging it is to not feel that you are the author of your life. 


One one thing that I strive to do in therapy is help people feel that they are again in control of where their life is going and what is going to happen in their future. Without a sense that you are the one directing your life story it won't matter what is happening to you or what direction you were heading because of the discomfort and destructiveness from not feeling like you are the one making the choices